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Milwaukee Irish Fest Choir

About the Choir

About the Choir
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Experience of the Month

Each month, there will be a new favorite moment from various choir members that they have had in the years of being in the Milwaukee Irish Fest Choir.

The History of the Irish Fest Choir

Irish Fest Choir was founded in 1988 by Pat Moschea and Ed Ward as an opportunity for young people to be involved in 'the rich tradition of Irish song.' Since Irish Fest was looking for some entertainment for the Children's Stage, the choir (named Irish Fest Youth Choir) was founded.

In 1989, Mr. Randall Swigums from Whitefish Bay High School was the first director of the choir. Then in 1990, Rebecca Winnie from Homestead High School was the director. She directed for 2-3 years. The Choir graduated from small stages up to the stage at the main gate somewhere around the summer of 1995. The 'youth' was dropped from the name in about 1997 or so, I think. Todd O'Connor (who once was a member of the Choir) accompanied the group for two or three years in there, and then took over as director in about 1996. In 1999, Todd let Amanda Moschea (who was also a member of the Choir) run some sectionals and do some conducting as a practicum for her future career. In 1999, Todd said that Amanda needed a title and some credit for what she had been doing, and she became the first 'IFC Assistant Director.' The first time she ever conducted in public for an audience was the first time IFC sang in collaboration with the Omagh Community Youth Choir. (July 1999) We went from green shirts to blue with a new logo and khaki pants instead of white shorts in preperation for the Ireland tour of 2000. Amanda also gained some experience accompanying that year. She became the 'Director' and Todd became the 'Assistant Director' in 2001, when Omagh visited Irish Fest. Amanda has been the director since then and she is an amazing person to work with. The Irish Fest Choir has been a wonderful experience for everyone who has been involved in it and it will continue to being so.

Milwaukee Irish Fest Youth Choir Board

The Choir would like to recognize its Youth Choir Board Members and thank them for their hard work.

Amy Dorman: Alto Section Representative

Bobby Hamill: Bass Section Representative

Karl Hinze: Tenor Section Representative

Meghan Selke: Soprano Section Representative

The Choir would also like to recognize and thank the following people for the time and hard work they have put into the Choir:

Valerie Pogue: director

Georgene "Mrs. K." Kmiecik: Assistant Coordinator

Pat Moschea: Head Coordinator

Ed Ward: co-founder

All Parents of Choir Members: supporters/chauffers