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Milwaukee Irish Fest Choir


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On this page we'll list current members and welcome new members.

Here is the list of the current members. This list will be updated as soon as our new members have been selected.

Emily Barbian

Caitlin Clark

Jessica Crain

Honore Croze

Amy Dorman

Aly Grauer

Ben Grauer

Bobby Hamill

Brittany Henson

Karl Hinze

Caitlin Klein

Ashley Kmiecik

Joe Kuenzle

Nate Lewellyn

Sarah Manthe

Katie Russell

Meghan Selke

Maureen Smith

James Tynion

Matt Voell

Caitlin Ward

Sean Ward

LaTia Whitfield

Allison Wirtz

Teng Yang

Welcome New Members!

Congratulations to our new members:

Emily Barbian

Katie Russell

James Tynion

Teng Yang